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Turn Relationships into a High-Performance Lead Generation Engine

Grow your pipeline by 20% in just 30 days!

Struggling to fill your sales pipeline and meet quota? Spend more time selling, and less time building sales prospecting lists. Our AI Lead Intelligence builds accurate leads lists of the right people to contact, and generates the contextual emails you can use.

Get ready to crush quota!

Leveraging Relationship Intelligence to target key contacts

Providing detailed information on how a lead is connected through your contacts and your team’s contacts, relationships with those contacts, and strategies to get introductions.

How It Works?

We use AI combined with your and your organization’s relationship intelligence and your ideal customer profile to deliver a list of highly qualified list of contacts, with insights for a warm introduction.

Input your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

Tell us exactly who your dream customer is.

Leverage Relationship Intelligence

We create KnowledgeMap™ and tap into your existing network and connections to uncover a pool of 1,000 strong leads.

Unlock Powerful Insights

Gain detailed information on how these leads are connected to your network, the strength of those relationships, and strategies to secure warm introductions.

Optimal Connection Path

What You Get​!

Highly targeted leads, warm introduction emails, and a couple of licenses of

i_ pleads

Prioritized and Qualified Leads

  • Detailed profile information
  • Relationship intelligence information
i_ uemail

Personalized Introductions

for emails and LinkedIn Mail based on contextual and relevant content

i_ Licenses

2 KnowledgeNet Premium Licenses

(12 months)

  • The ability to unlock cell phone numbers and use personality intelligence for your top targets

Packages start at $1000.00

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