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Capterra is an AI solution that gathers, organizes, and connects interactions to provide background data on relationships and warm connection paths to new opportunities. It empowers teams to discover, manage, and close deals more effectively.

Uncover hidden connections

Turn your network into a map of opportunity

Never run out of leads

Ignite your sales pipeline with 280M+ prospects

Prospecting just got a whole lot easier. Access our expansive database of over 280 million companies and contacts, complete with verified email addresses and mobile numbers. Target your outreach with laser precision, find the perfect connections to fuel your sales pipeline, and ignite your growth potential. Get Started

Track every interactions

No more scrambling for context

Gain a strategic advantage by understanding your organization’s communication history across all levels. View Latest Interactions offers a real-time, comprehensive overview of emails, meetings, posts, and web visits related to a company or contact. Work more efficiently, personalize outreach, and make informed decisions when you see the complete picture. 

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Personalize at scale

Generate high-converting emails in seconds

Get closer, faster

Access DISC Personality Profiles for stronger connections

In a remote-first world, where building rapport is crucial, empathy bridges the distance. Personality Profiles unlock how your remote buyers think and communicate, empowering you to tailor your sales approach for more impactful connections and winning deals. Get Started 

Trusted by Thousands of Sales, Marketing and Operations Professionals.

Recognized by Industry Leaders

Zero tech lift, maximum impact

The sidekick that integrates, not disrupts

“Our existing lead gen subscription was good...but with, the accuracy is unparalleled. It provides the nuanced details we need to refine our approach before initiating email sequences on HubSpot.” Gabe Gurman COO, Career.Place “ was able to look at the different past connections and identify a much faster way to reach out to the targeted audience ” Michel Privé VP of Sales, SLIC Texas “With, I could pinpoint exactly which branch of a large, nation-wide firm was checking out our website, search contacts in that area, and launch a nurturing campaign. ” Jason Manfredi Business Development Representative, Versetal Information “I'm able to identify a group of people who are able to be the perfect individuals who could give me the quality introduction to the person I would like to meet. This simplifies the entire process and strenghten the outreach” Robert Jablonski President, RECHARGE consulting “In four months, we've closed a pipeline worth $14M in revenue and it all started with and the accuracy of its data.” John Skaff Business Development Director, CDI Engineering Solutions “The ability to use to integrate with your LinkedIn profile, your email and aggregate all that information into a single pane of glass is a huge value that we see .” Alex VanTessel Outsourced Sales VP, Sales Xceleration Witness it first hand, directly from our lovely customers Don’t just take our word for it cdn_helper cdn_helper cdn_helper cdn_helper cdn_helper cdn_helper cdn_helper cdn_helper Works Across Your Teams

Unprecedented Sales Intelligence

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Unparalleled access to prospects and their relationship histories

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Your organization’s intellectual capital preserved

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It takes minutes to get set up, and you will be blown away by the insights you’ll discover and the new leads you’ll find.