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Turns your inbox into your email superpower​

See everything your company knows about recipients expands email’s capability by surfacing valuable insights that tell you whether you or your company has existing connections, interactions, and pathways to engage with that contact or account.

Unlock your knowledge superpower when you email! turbo boosts your email by adding the ability to see everything your company knows about senders and recipients. Company emails, meetings, relationships, and shared files are displayed in an easy-to-access widget. When you use the email add-on, you get answers to:

  • Are there any existing relationships with the company?
  • Have there been any interactions (emails, meetings, web visits) with the company?
  • Who at the company should I reach out to?
  • What are the optimal paths for an introduction?
  • Where are the latest files we’ve exchanged?
  • And more…

Available for the following email clients