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The powerful knowledge-building platform

Turns scattered data into valuable intellectual capital.

The powerful knowledge-building platform… turns scattered data into valuable intellectual capital.

Actionable insights and enhanced collaboration results when all of your conversations, files, news, and relationship information are on a single screen.

Your knowledge superpower is accessible from anywhere

Wherever you might be, all of your knowledge is accessible through a login. The web app reveals relationships and connections, past interactions, news, and more. Success is only a username and password away.

Visualize relationships to find the best approach

The ability to see connections and the strength of those relationships through the revolutionary KnowledgeMap reveal the contacts with the highest likelihood of success.

Emails and CRM information in a new light enhances your CRM and puts the contact’s comprehensive profile front and center. One screen offers an easy-to-use platform to narrow down the contact information you need now.

All interactions inform the present

Your roadmap today takes you down the correct route using past interactions as a guide. Access to prior communications, meetings, files, and relationship information put you on the highway to success. Even if an employee leaves the company, their knowledge is retained to inform your journey.

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It takes minutes to get set up, and you will be blown away by the insights you’ll discover.
“ allows us to better leverage our firm’s knowledge to accelerate capital generation. It’s the tool we’ve been missing to link yesterday’s fact-finding and today’s opportunities.”
David Rowe
AE Industrial Partners
“ enables your team to double your business without having to appreciably increase your headcount.”
Jon Nemo
AE Industrial Partners