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Segments that are benefiting from

Private Equity and Venture Capital

In the Private Equity (PE) and Venture Capital (VC) worlds, success depends on relationships, speed, and good intelligence. provides the following:

  • Improve deal sourcing, due diligence, and finding executive leadership.
  • Access to up-to-date fund information, including top positions and holdings.
  • Put real-time insights into current and historical deals at your fingertips.


Business processes have become automated, changing the relationship between suppliers and customers. lets you:

  • Strengthen existing relationships to win more contacts, while finding the referral connection to grow.
  • Improve client interactions and retention with seamless, secure collaboration platform.
  • Increase collaboration between the sales and support teams to more seamlessly support your distribution channels.


In the Engineering space, projects are time, cost and quality sensitive, making them tightly controlled and rigid. lets you:

  • Get more value from your top-client relationships.
  • Streamline communication and organize information for seamless team collaboration on a global account structure.
  • Spend less time getting updates, so you have more time to do what grows your organization–innovating solutions.

Law Firms

Don’t let administrative work distract you from growing your firm. Put your focus where it should be, on acquiring new clients and making your team more productive. lets you:

  • Leverage existing relationships to win more clients, while finding the best source for a warm referral.
  • Improve client retention with seamless transitions regardless of attorney turnover.
  • Protect sensitive information with a more secure way of discussing cases and sharing relevant material.

Family and Wealth Management

Securely share information and resources to keep your clients up-to-date with a complete, 360o view of their investments and communication history. lets you:
  • View text messages, email, and documents related to a particular investment or asset organized on one screen.
  • Bring external resources: lawyers, banks, and investment firms into a secure, collaborative space.
  • Securely protect and preserve assets for future generations.
“ allows us to better leverage our firm’s knowledge to accelerate capital generation. It’s the tool we’ve been missing to link yesterday’s fact-finding and today’s opportunities.”
David Rowe
AE Industrial Partners
“ enables your team to double your business without having to appreciably increase your headcount.”
Jon Nemo
AE Industrial Partners