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cs_cdi Surfaces Leads that Fuel Engineering Firm’s Rapid Expansion

Nov 20, 2023 Case Study All Case Studies

CDI Engineering Solutions

Industry: Engineering
Location: Houston, TX (HQ);
7 satellite branches
Employees: 450

Customer since: 2023 solutions:

  • Find Connects and
  • Relationship Intelligence
  • Cross-selling opportunities
  • Knowledge Retention
  • Security
  • Executive Oversight
Prospect landed with generates 600% growth in new business.


CDI is in a strong growth phase. They have aggressive goals to add logos in existing territories in addition to opening offices in new territories. They are working with new sales reps as well as experienced ones looking to resurrect legacy territories. Their top priority is getting access to reliable contacts at multiple levels of an organization to support a multi-threaded approach to prospects that meet their ICP.


Resurrect/Identify Buried Relationships

When it comes to expanding one’s client base, the first place to start is with analyzing your team’s existing relationships. But asking an individual to quickly summarize all the companies they’ve had conversations with, who they know at an organization, and the strength of the relationship out of thousands of email messages, CRM notes, and LinkedIn connections is an impossible task.

If you want to increase your leads, then is better than any tool I’ve ever seen or used, and I’ve been doing this for 46 years.

 — John Skaff Business Development Director, CDI Engineering Solutions

Using, CDI associates simply connected their email addresses and synced their personal LinkedIn networks to automatically create account and contact records and begin mapping relationships between those individuals and companies. Within 24 hours, the CDI business development team had a visual map of everyone they have interacted with that they can use to jump start their expansion.

Find New Contacts

Quality leads are essential and require both reliable and up-to-date contact information. offers access to a robust database of 260+ million email addresses and business phone numbers as well as 120+ million cell phone numbers, including for new hires less than 30 days old. CDI takes advantage of functionality that zeroes in on senior leadership and filters results by industry, location, employee count, and revenue.

 — John Skaff Business Development Director, CDI Engineering Solutions


In another use case, CDI was alerted to the announcement that a new recycling center was preparing to locate near their office in Charleston, WV. By using the browser extension on the company’s website, CDI identified all relevant contacts and had welcome emails out the door by three p.m. that same day. Given the chance to show how CDI could connect the dots on the U.S.-based resources they needed, CDI landed a $2M contract for engineering services, which they’ve since spun into contracts for four additional locations worth $12M to CDI.

Thanks to’s ability to collect, connect and structure relationship data and provide accurate, relevant new connections, CDI is on its way to hitting its new logo targets.