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Generate warm introductions, build pipelines, and find perfect leads faster with AI-powered prospecting features and instant insights from your personal corporate AI assistant. Work smarter, achieve real results, and unlock the power of informed connections.

Reveal connections that fuel sales growth

Warm leads, hidden in plain sight

KnowledgeNet.ai goes beyond surface-level connections.  Our technology intelligently maps past and present interactions across your organization – emails, calendars, social networks, and web traffic – in real-time. This deep analysis reveals hidden relationships you never knew existed. Leverage these connections to build warm pipelines filled with qualified leads.

Sales accelerations
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Find the warm path to success

Stop wasting time on dead-end contacts

KnowledgeNet.ai maps connections within your organization to the vast network of verified contacts in our database (+280M emails & +120M mobile numbers).  Uncover the best “warm path” introductions that can lead you to the right people at the right time. Ditch outdated methods and build meaningful connections that drive results.

Success than cold calling rates
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Target smarter, sell faster, win bigger

Say goodbye to scattershot prospecting

KnowledgeNet.ai’s intelligent filtering empowers you to build targeted prospect lists that perfectly match your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and focus your efforts on the most promising opportunities. Target high-potential leads with precision, eliminating wasted effort and boosting sales efficiency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Stuck? Our FAQ has quick answers to your burning questions.

KnowledgeNet.ai meets the highest information security standards as demonstrated by its successful completion of the System and Organization Controls (SOC) 2 Type II Audit. 

Created by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), SOC 2® is a reporting framework that sets the benchmarks for managing systems, process controls and data. These benchmarks include the five Trust Services Criteria – privacy, confidentiality, security, availability, and processing integrity. Adhering to SOC 2 Type II ensures that KnowledgeNet.ai has the proper security, privacy, and compliance controls to manage its collaboration intelligence and knowledge-sharing platform. 

For specifics, please see our security page to learn more. 

Relationship intelligence is insight about the connections that exist between people in your organization’s network—essentially, who knows who and how. The ability to quickly understand and leverage your connections is a huge competitive advantage. 


KnowledgeNet.ai collects and organizes information about company-wide interactions in real time from multiple sources to provide rich context for past interactions as well as warm pathways to new opportunities so you can effectively manage existing business and source new deals faster. 

Knowledgenet.ai uses a subscription license model designed to help teams grow. The flexible licensing model allows silent users to connect at a lower cost and includes add-ons so you can customize KnowledgeNet.ai to fit your needs best.  


For specifics, please see our pricing page to learn more. 

KnowledgeNet.ai is not meant to replace your existing CRM strategy. KnowledgeNet.ai solves an ongoing problem identified in numerous corporate studies: slow “information velocity”, also described as a consistent high rate of underutilization and adoption failure of valuable systems. In plain speech, this says that humans are imperfect, and we don’t always keep our expensive software as up to date as we could. KnowledgeNet.ai is complements your existing CRM by providing automated account and contact record creation, interaction tracking, and relationship history in real-time with zero administrative effort. KnowledgeNet.ai is not a CRM. KnowledgeNet.ai makes CRM systems better. 

For specifics, please see our integration page to learn more about how we work with apps you use everyday. 

Absolutely! From CRMs to file sharing to website tracking and other sales and marking tech, it’s possible to connect KnowledgeNet.ai to your team’s existing tools— so you can spend less time toggling between different platforms and more time getting a complete view of your organization’s total intellectual capital. 


For specifics, please see our integration page to learn more about how we work with apps you use everyday. 

For specifics, please see our integration page to learn more about how we work with apps you use everyday. 

You can invite someone outside of your company to join a KnowledgeSpace. Inside a room, you can exchange messages and comments, share attachments, provide access to files on internal or cloud drives, follow customized news alerts, and assign and manage tasks with room members both inside and outside your company.

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