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Top 5 Reasons that Belongs in Your Family Office

May 02, 2022 Case Study All Case Studies

While each family office client is unique, the team has observed some common themes shared by all.

It takes many people to coordinate the business of a family office, while one or two major decision makers need to be able to navigate a vast amount of communication and paperwork with ease. Busy professionals do not have time to waste digging for information. Most importantly, they need a team and tools that prioritize discretion. Here are five examples of how can help your family office with organization, transparency, speed, and security.  

1. Organize communication

Does your filing cabinet have one folder per drawer where you put every piece of paper? Or do you sort them into individually labelled folders? If so, it makes sense to start thinking of your messaging the same way. lets you create as many rooms as you need to organize communication around a specific topic, like one room to talk about each property, bank account, trust, or vehicle.

2. Message once, find it everywhere

When you ask your assistant for updates, do you send a separate message for each question? Or do you write one message and ask about all the top-of-mind things that day, then find yourself digging around for the original message when you want to follow up? It is human nature and common sense to look for things by topic, so that’s exactly how stores messages. Using simple hash tagging, KnowledgeNet stores copies of a single message in multiple places, so you find it no matter what.

3. Say goodbye to endless email threads

To put it simply, digging through the back and forth in email threads is the pits and it is easy to lose track of key details. shares information in a post and comment format that is easier to read and follow and uses hash tagging to keep track of important references for easy recall later.

Having an organizational tool that secures all data in one place is much needed for families. is very user-friendly and always securely accessible to those you choose to give access to. These days, data security is a big issue, and we feel a lot more at ease with the elevated level of protection that provides. 

 — Jeanne S.
Executive Assistant

4. Integrate with your email

Speaking of email, sometimes it is unavoidable. No worries. offers a simple plug-in to your email program that brings email messages into KnowledgeNet and directs them to the right room with the click of a button. The body of the email is preserved as a post and contact and account records are automatically created and saved for future reference.

5. More secure for external users

Running a family office means working with a team of professionals on matters of great sensitivity and privacy. Not everything is meant for all eyes. lets you set up public and private rooms and invite external members from outside your office to participate on an as-needed basis in specific rooms—without being privy to the rest of the information stored in KnowledgeNet. Stop jumping between different applications to communicate with lawyers, investment professionals, descendants, and others. Bring them into in a controlled way and keep everything together in one, SOC-2 compliant platform.

If you are interested in setting up a demo to see in action or would like to start a free 30-day trial, go to