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Mehdi Tehranchi, Co-Founder & CEO

An Enterprise Conversational AI Engine

Our performance for 2023-Q4 / 2024-Q1
  • Organic licensing revenue growth of over 700%
  • Over 4000 registered users
  • 150 new logos added
  • 20 integrated CRM partners with over 10M users

Our Investors

We raised our initial seed round from top-tier investors, including AE Industrial Partners, Edison Partners, and Family Offices.

Our Team

An experienced team of highly skilled entrepreneurs that thrives on collaboration, fostering a culture centered around inclusion, enthusiasm, and open communication. Learn More

The Problem We Are Solving

In the $96.3B customer experience and relationship market, 91% of corporate knowledge is not preserved, slowing business innovation and growth.

1.5 to 5 hours – the amount of time a salesperson spends updating CRM records.
4.7 months – Annual time salesperson time looking for leads connection, and communication

Solution alleviates the loss of corporate knowledge by focusing on gathering and organizing relationships, conversations, interactions, and corporate data by combining conversational AI with CRM process automation and providing impactful, actionable insights across the organization.

What is

A cloud-based enterprise AI platform designed to gather, organize, and connect corporate information, enabling users to:

  • Discover new contacts and potential opportunities.
  • Reveal sales by surfacing relationship intelligence
  • Optimize the marketing campaigns and provide accurate contact profile
  • Preserve knowledge for future reference and collaboration across teams.


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Product Market Fit

Trusted by Thousands of Sales, Marketing and Operations Professionals.

Recognized by Industry Leaders

What Our Customers Are Saying

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“KnowledgeNet adds velocity to your sales process.”

Alan VanTassel
Velocity Sales

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“KnowledgeNet helps you get and connect to the right buyers.”

Michel Privé
Sales Leadership Impact Consulting

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“KnowledgeNet allows you to be proactive vs reactive.”

Robert Jablonski
President, Recharge Consulting

Total Addressable Market

$5.5B Market

with over 1B knowledge workers

How Supports Every Aspect of the Customer Journey

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