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Supercharge your Salesforce today

Reveal connections and interactions you didn't know existed.

Supercharge your Salesforce today​… reveal connections and interactions you didn’t know existed. enhances and expands your Salesforce’s capabilities with relationship mapping and simplified access to all past interactions.

Realize your CRM superpower within Salesforce turns a contact into a story filled with insights and context that foster success. Visualize relationships and connections, see all past interactions, and access relevant news from a single source. Actionable insights, lucrative deals, and new collaborations are unearthed and surfaced from the data that had buried them.

  • See who in your organization has a relationship with the company or contact.
  • View any interaction that you or your team have had.
  • Easily access files shared, latest news, and analytics at your fingertips.
Install the for Salesforce App compliments your Salesforce to go beyond notes
and contact information. Our KnowledgeMapTM capability turns your CRM from a static storage bank to a dynamic relationship maker.

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  • Discover Relationships you didn’t know you had
  • Uncover opportunities
  • Accelerate decision making
  • Drive growth