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Let's get you set up with today

and build your knowledge superpower

Let’s get you set up with today… and build your knowledge superpower

Access your knowledge superpower no matter where you work: browser, email, and CRM applications.

Install the Browser Extensions

By cross-referencing domains with your internal relationship data, the browser extension reveals useful relationships, history, and key decision maker.

Select the browse app you would like to add the extension to:

Install the Email Add-on

Adding to your email gives you a complete picture of all the interactions your company has had with recipients and their organizations: who’s been talking and meeting with whom, files, and news.

Select the email client you would like to install the add-on to:

Install the CRM app compliments your CRM to go beyond notes and contact information. Our KnowledgeMapTM capability turns your CRM from a static storage bank to a dynamic relationship maker.

Select the CRM you would like to install KnowledgeNet to:

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See how can help you surface relationships and insights you didn’t know you had, so you can:

  • Discover Relationships you didn’t know you had
  • Uncover opportunities
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  • Drive growth