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Finding Email Address On LinkedIn makes prospecting from LinkedIn incredibly easy. The browser extension surfaces contacts’ email addresses—and other valuable information—from profile pages, even when they aren’t available in users’ contact info. It’s just another way that speeds up building pipelines so you can close your next deal even faster.  

Exporting LinkedIn Connections

Our new Export feature gives you a jaw-dropping amount of actionable intelligence, including business and personal emails, LinkedIn header and description details, employers, and alma maters so you can launch stellar outreach campaigns. 

How you can leverage KnowledgeNet with Keap

In this video, Matthew will demonstrate how to utilize KnowledgeNet AI in conjunction with Keap to discover new contacts and nurture potential leads. He’ll show you how to access valuable information about your relationship with a contact, including previous interactions and website visits. Additionally, will explain how to use AI to write personalized emails and seamlessly integrate contacts into your Keep account. By following these steps, you can effectively engage with prospects and enhance your sales pipeline.

Learn more about how we work with Keap

Building List Straight From LinkedIn

Once you’ve vetted a prospect in LinkedIn, it’s super easy to track your leads and maintain an organization-wide overview of interactions with that individual or company.   

Customizing AI Prompt & Accessing AI Content Generation

Get better content and speed up your workflow by taking advantage of AI Content Generation inside the widget. AI Content Generation is driven by the information that automatically surfaces about you, your company, and your potential targets, while also allowing you to customize your personal prompt. You can effortlessly create detailed outbound messaging whenever you:

  • Explore Connections Paths and want to ask for a warm introduction.
  • Open the Information Tab for any company or individual and decide to reach out to offer your services. Browser Extension Tooltip

When you enable the browser extension tooltip, you can mouse over any email or web address on any web page or web-based application and surface everything can tell you about that contact or company. It’s a game-changer to use inside:

  • Web-based CRMs
  • Customer support apps
  • LinkedIn profile pages Browser Extension

Did you realize you can extend’s valuable insights to your browser? The browser extension makes these insights available EVERYWHERE you go. Instantly gain a deep understanding of an account or contact with features such as:

  • Summaries of your organization’s interactions, including emails, meetings, and web visits.
  • Contact details such as email addresses, phone numbers, and, often, mobile numbers for employees.
  • Connections that facilitate warm introductions.
  • Recent company news and statistics.
  • Detailed work histories of individuals.

If you haven’t already, install the browser extension now. Compatible with Chrome and Edge browsers, it’s your key to reclaiming hours previously spent on tedious data searches.

View List

The quality of your lead list is directly tied to the accuracy of the data. However, when you view those same leads inside, you’ll be able to uncover:

  • If anybody has had any interactions with them.
  • Relationship connections you share with them.
  • Optimal connection paths for warm introductions.

Save Search

Are you tired of reinventing the wheel every time you source new leads? We’ve got great news for you! Introducing our new feature – ‘Save Search.’ 

With ‘Save Search,’ you can streamline your lead sourcing process and discover high-quality leads faster than ever before. You can:

  • Use to pinpoint your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).
  • Store input preferences for multiple buyer personas.
  • Effortlessly export results to your custom lists.