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AI-Driven Insight Brought to Your Inbox

Sep 15, 2022 White Paper All White Papers


The average office-worker receives 121 emails a day and sends 40. Contrary to click-bait rumors of the “death of email,” 86% of business professionals still see email as their preferred means of business communication. So how does an employee effectively navigate this crowded space, extract meaningful information, and understand the histories of so many ongoing conversations?

When you write an email today, you’re writing to a person based on personal knowledge or what you’ve been told. You are in the dark about questions such as: Does anyone else in my organization already have a relationship with this person or company? What was our most recent interaction? What is the latest news on this company or individual?

Solution thinks the solution is to surface this information where you are communicating, inside email. That’s why our knowledge collaboration app connects with your inbox, driving valuable intelligence right where you need it. KnowledgeNet pulls into email details on the closest internal relationship to senders and recipients, messages related to those accounts and contacts, and the latest external news. It also provides quick access to a complete record of your personal AND organization-wide interactions with those accounts and contacts. So, the next time you get looped into an email thread or start a new conversation, you’ll be prepared.

Automatically creating contact and account records for senders and recipients
For every email you send or receive, KnowledgeNet automatically creates a record for that contact and company account, then hashtags future correspondence to those records. It’s an effortless way to keep track of client relationships. Users who upgrade to KnowledgeNet Professional can even tie into an existing CRM such as Salesforce.

Showing instant relationship intelligence
View the nature and timing of your and your team’s most recent interactions with all senders and recipients (emails, posts, and meetings).

Giving an organization-wide view
Connect your team members to KnowledgeNet and see all related internal posts that reference the relevant contacts and accounts as well.

Providing the latest overview of accounts’ and contacts’ conversations
Get a neatly summarized view of personal interactions as well as your organization’s interactions with accounts and contacts, including who sent the most recent email and when, when the most recent meeting was, and what were the most recent internal posts.

Bringing in external news insights
KnowledgeNet additionally surfaces the most recent news hits for the contacts and accounts in your email—so you don’t have to.

With KnowledgeNet, you’ll be able to start with an email and simultaneously key into all your contacts’ and accounts’ relevant interactions, both individually and organization-wide, without leaving your inbox. KnowledgeNet makes it easy to understand contact and account relationships, zero in on important details, and move forward with superior actionable intelligence.

KnowledgeNet is a game changer… it helps me get up to speed on the histories behind key long-term deals and discover information that opens new business relationships.

Managing Partner
Private Equity Firm