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Collaboration & Knowledge Sharing That Preserves Next-Level Security

Sep 16, 2022 White Paper All White Papers


The average business worker uses 9.4 different apps to accomplish their daily work and 74% of workers report having more than five apps open at a time. We use these specialized products for a reason—a one-tool-fits-all approach is rarely going to provide a user with best-in-class features—but there’s no doubt that there is a cost when it comes to effective collaboration. There’s a lot of extra time spent managing accounts, navigating user licenses and access, and searching for key information scattered between apps and individuals.

Did I see that stat in email, a message thread, or our CRM? Where’s that report file? Has anyone else been talking to this client? Siloed information increases decision-making time and allows blind spots and knowledge gaps that can hamper a team’s productivity and success. Effective collaboration and knowledge sharing requires transparency and visibility. So how do you achieve transparency while keeping sensitive data private and secure? How do you make sure that the wrong people don’t get access to privileged information?

Solution combines the careful management of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) with top-notch security protocols to achieve the best of both collaborative access, knowledge sharing, and security. That’s how KnowledgeNet gives you access to email conversations, internal messaging, file sharing, and other third-party platforms, such as CRMs, on a single pane of glass without sacrificing privacy or data security.


Offering strict controls on public and private messaging
Decide if you want to share content publicly or only with select individuals. When something is marked “private,” it will only ever be seen by designated recipients. It becomes invisible to other members of your organization’s KnowledgeNet.

Providing end-to-end encryption on data transfers
Share financial data, have frank conversations about pending deals, and attach documents, images, and video knowing that data is fully encrypted in transit and storage and is only viewable by those with decryption keys.

Achieving SOC-2 level security compliance
Look for this reporting framework, created by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), to set the benchmarks for managing systems, process controls and data based on five Trust Services Criteria – privacy, confidentiality, security, availability, and processing integrity. KnowledgeNet was successfully audited in June 2022.

With KnowledgeNet, you can safely collect, connect, and preserve data without sacrificing security. KnowledgeNet makes it possible to maintain privacy when necessary and enjoy the benefits of organization-wide knowledge sharing: scaling what works, a growth and learning mindset, knowledge retention, and more.

Security and privacy of our client’s data are at the core of We’re committed to giving our clients the protection and peace of mind they deserve on top of revolutionary collaboration intelligence.

Mehdi Tehranchi
CEO of