KnowledgeNet.ai vs ZoomInfo

Both offer access to millions of new contacts, but only KnowledgeNet.ai provides AI-driven features to help you identify and close deals faster, while clocking in at a fraction of the cost.


KnowledgeNet.ai and ZoomInfo are both robust platforms that offer secure access to accurate email and mobile data for north of 150M contacts. However, KnowledgeNet.ai stands out with its powerful AI engine, which allows users to harness connections to identify relationships with prospects and customers, facilitate warm introductions, monitor real-time interactions, and enhance productivity. Both KnowledgeNet.ai and ZoomInfo offer valuable features, but KnowledgeNet.ai provides the benefit of a more comprehensive set of relationship intelligence tools at a more affordable price point.

yes yes
Access to +280M Contacts
With Email and Cell numbers
yes yes
SOC2 Compliant
yes yes
Relationship Intelligence
Harness connections from email, contacts, and meetings to identify key internal relationships to prospects and customers
yes no
Real-Time Interactions
Access interactions between a contact or company across your organization in real-time
yes no
AI Generated Emails
Automatically generate emails based on known connections and interactions you or your team had
yes no
Connection Paths
Find the best path to new opportunities through up to three degrees of separation
yes no
Web Traffic Intelligence
See relationships and previous interactions with all the accounts visiting your site
yes no
Connect LinkedIn Network
Include your professional network to identify relationships and connection paths to warm introductions
yes no
Integrate with CRMs
Seamlessly share contacts and lists with pipeline- and campaign-tracking platforms
yes no
For 3 user licenses / year



+ download packs of $100 for every 2,000 bulk contact downloads

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