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Technology Blueprint for Family Offices

Jun 22, 2022 White Paper All White Papers

Every family office is unique and the teams who work on them should have a fully configurable, unified technology platform to act as the central hub for knowledge management.

How technology impacts family office management

Having all your teams’ emails, meeting notes, documentation etc. with broker(s), lender(s), sellers, attorneys, appraisers, and third-party consultants in a centralized place helps family office teams execute efficiently and ensures nothing falls through the cracks. organized by topic

Track conversations, files, and tasks to assets, investments, deals, people, companies—whatever makes sense for you.
You can create rooms for any topic. Hash Tags

Messages often contain multiple subjects and references, but with you don’t need to copy, forward, or file messages to get them to the right places. uses simple hash tags to save copies of an interaction in the records of each relevant topic. In, anything can become a hash tag. You can tag individuals, businesses, properties, funds, trusts…anything where it would be useful to preserve a history of interactions and documentation.

This message contained questions and information on three separate topics. Hash tags (captured in the blue ovals) show the three places it has been saved: Dogood Scholarship Fund, 2021 Income Taxes, and Children’s Trust Fund 2019. Tagging Prompts

Busy people might forget to tag something, so offers tagging prompts. When you type a new post or bring a message over from email, is smart enough to recognize good candidates for hash tagging and nudge you to tag them.

Suggested hash tags are underlined in blue. Click the item to accept the suggestion, then choose from a list of existing hash tags. You are also given the option of creating a new hash tag. Relationship Intelligence surfaces internal and external sources of information from across your entire organization whenever you create a new post, so there is no need to consult multiple applications or individuals to get a handle on recent activity surfaced the most recent message(s) related to the post’s topics as well as relevant newsfeed articles. Outlook Add-In

The Outlook Add-In is a key feature of the platform that enables our clients to maximize their knowledge management. The Outlook Add-In gives you the ability to bring information into directly from email and to benefit from’s relationship intelligence in both mediums.

Creating a post in from the Outlook Add-In saves copies of the email message content and file attachments to records for the contact(s) that sent the email, recipients, to the companies with which they are associated, and to the records of any other recipient or hash tag you wish to add.

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