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Unlock Powerful Relationship Intelligence within Your Conversations and Data

Oct 12, 2022 White Paper All White Papers


In any hyperconnected industry, individuals must manage nurturing relationships within huge business networks, steady streams of meetings, and overflowing email inboxes and calendars. The contact and activity information stored in emails, calendar invites, and meeting notes are invaluable sources of relationship intelligence, but finding the opportunity and means to capture this information is a losing battle between time and the sheer size of the task.

The relationship intelligence hidden in one’s business network–who knows whom, what a colleague met with a client about, and relevant data about recent company—is an incredibly rich resource. It supercharges prospect research, finding introductions, personalizing messaging, uncovering opportunities, and improving customer relations, but it remains underutilized without tools to effectively track and engage with it.


KnowledgeNet takes the burden of capturing, organizing, and interpreting interactions off the individual. Our knowledge collaboration app collects, connects and preserves the data points found in email, calendars, and internal messaging and presents it as meaningful intelligence.

KnowledgeNet uses a simple setup—connecting an email address—to begin automatically creating account and contact records, tracking personal interaction history, determining who in an organization has the closest relationships, surfacing relevant internal conversations, and bringing in external news. 

Automating Record Creation from Email
KnowledgeNet automatically creates a contact and account record for the sender and other recipients of every email you send and receive, then links future correspondence to those records. 

Collecting & Connecting Your Interactions
You’ll be able to access every email and file exchanged with any account or contact from one place. It also displays other contacts with a connection to that account or contact.

Visualizing Interactive Activity
Use KnowledgeNet’s innovative Knowledge Map to get a visual analysis of every connection between tagged contacts, accounts, events, and deals.

Integrating External Systems goes beyond email to pull in data from CRMs (Salesforce, Hubspot), cloud file storage (Dropbox, SharePoint), professional networks (Pitchbook, LinkedIn), and industry news feeds.

KnowledgeNet puts an information ecosystem at your fingertips, so you can find the information buried in your emails and calendars, uncover relationships you didn’t know you had, and gain insight that propels your business forward.

KnowledgeNet expands our intelligence, streamlines our work, and helps us win new customers. It gives us greater search power, providing a complete inventory of our internal knowledge.

Darius Grimes
CEO of Disaster Smart Consulting Inc