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Our Mision

Help organizations transform conversations and organizational knowledge into actionable intellectual capital is a leader in network collaboration that revolutionizes how organizations use intellectual capital. The explosion of unstructured data to 80% of total digital data has created new challenges for enterprises. integrates and organizes unstructured and structured corporate data, creating a secure, 360° view of past, present, and future enterprise knowledge.

Then applies state-of-the-art natural language recognition and AI technology to connect the dots, transforming enterprise knowledge into actionable intelligence that executives can use to uncover new opportunities, accelerate decision making, and drive growth.

Streamline operations, increase productivity, and maximize the value of your team’s work with’s algorithms working behind-the-scenes to mine your ever-expanding transactional messaging content in a protected environment. Meet today’s challenges with

Career Opportunities

At we believe in building a culture that embraces individuality while cultivating collaboration and creativity. We care about the needs of our employees and appreciate the varied ways in which people do their best work individually and together.