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AE Industrial Partners Expands Portfolio Companies’ Communication and Collaboration with

Feb 16, 2023 Case Study All Case Studies
AE Industrial Partners

AE Industrial Partners

Industry: Private Equity
Location: Boca Raton, FL
Employees: 70

Portfolio Companies in AE’s 20

Portfolio Companies Using Internally: 7

Customer since: 2021

KnowledgeNet solutions:

  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Relationship Intelligence
  • Security
  • Executive Oversight

Altus KnowledgeMapAE Industrial Partners (AEI) specializes in highly technical markets with a portfolio of companies operating in defense & government services, commercial aerospace, specialty industry, power and utility services, business aviation, and space. With $5.1 billion under management, 74 professionals, and 100+ investments closed since 2015, AEI turns to to realize their knowledge superpower.

The Challenges of an Extensive Portfolio

Mergers and acquisitions are tremendously complex affairs, often coming with pre-deal terms that require delaying systems and technology integration. This costs valu- able time and delays growth. AEI needed to overcome resulting challenges such as:

  • Delays identifying areas of competitive overlap
  • The inability to quickly and accurately prioritize areas of business strength
  • Miscommunication and misunderstandings
  • Degraded customer service and satisfaction
  • Lost relationships

By capturing and integrating information from both companies into a map of key relationships and interactions, helps us increase productivity and retain valuable knowledge and customers. It’s an invaluable asset for navigating the post-acquisition business environment.

 — Jon Nemo
Senior Partner, AE Industrial Partners

AEI Tackles M&A Challenges With

AEI overcomes the challenges of M&A by leveraging its enterprise agreement with and requiring immediate post-acquisition implementation by every new portfolio company. After a 10-minute installation and 24- hour processing period, AEI has access to a KnowledgeMap™ that shows the combined professional network of both companies.

A cornerstone of AE Industrial Partners’ (AEI) partnerships with its portfolio companies is to provide tangible value by offering cutting-edge industry knowledge, operating experience, and innovative technology. provides AEI with a comprehensive solution for:

  • Superior knowledge retention and transfer during company acquisitions.
  • Secure, collaborative communication with portfolio leadership.
  • AI-driven relationship intelligence that uncovers growth opportunities and accelerates decision-making.

It is key to AEI’s strategy for maintaining and growing their portfolio’s value. Creates an Immediate Competitive Advantage for AEI

Surfaces Portfolio Overlaps saves time and money by identifying where companies work on or with overlapping accounts, prospects, vendors, providers, accounts, lawyers, and associated employees.

Visualizes High-Value Areas for Development
Visualizes High-Value Areas for Development shows AEI the strongest account relationships so they can quickly identify the best opportunities to add value. Armed with this information, they can efficiently create an effective road map towards the most substantial returns.

Reveals Key Relationships
Reveals Key Relationships’s KnowledgeMap™ gives AEI a 360-degree view of the merger’s key stakeholders, eliminating the risk of losing valuable relationships. The combined business development teams build a more robust and warmer pipeline, accelerate sales, efficiently transition accounts, and tremendously reduce customer churn.

Combine and Manage Customer Activity
Combine and Manage Customer Activity

With, AEI gains a clear understanding of the relationships between the two companies and their customers. This information can be used to ensure that future customer interactions are handled smoothly, efficiently, and in a personalized manner. The combined company’s customers experience less disruption in customer service, resulting in greater loyalty.

Centralize Collaboration
Centralize Collaboration

In addition to mapping relationships, is a centralized platform for all key communications. AEI uses it as the place for all stakeholders to coordinate efforts and ensure that everyone is working towards common goals. Misunderstandings and miscommunications are minimized, and the likelihood of a successful merger increases.

AEI’s Tangible Results is an essential tool for AEI for acquisitions and ongoing internal communications. In the words of AEI executives, empowers them with:

  • Greater firmwide collaboration, communication, and transparency of information, a key foundation for a growing firm with increase complexity.
  • Increased knowledge retention for the firm, with information that is effectively connected in real time and exists permanently.
  • Increased productivity while managing the firm, origination, and portfolio company activities from a single location, eliminating silos and inefficiencies.
  • More effective, firmwide usage of existing applications and platforms without the hassle of migrating data.
  • A 360-degree view of the firm’s intellectual capital.

AEI Ensures Acquisitions Realize Their Greatest Value with

Because of, AEI more quickly integrates acquisitions into their portfolio by eliminating merger challeng- es like portfolio overlaps and information transfer. also streamlines the merger process by more easily identifying areas of business strength, supercharging firmwide collaboration, and strengthening relationships. Acquired companies realize their highest value, and AEI continues its exponential growth with help from ing merger challenges like portfolio overlaps, information transfer, and lost relationships.