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Altus Fire & Life Safety Builds and Executes Cohesive Sales Strategy for Less with

Apr 05, 2023 Case Study All Case Studies

Altus Fire & Safety

Industry: Commercial Services
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Employees: 70

Customer since: 2022

KnowledgeNet solutions:

  • Relationship Intelligence
  • Cross-selling opportunities
  • Knowledge Retention
  • Security
  • Executive Oversight

Altus KnowledgeMapAltus Fire & Life Safety Services specializes in providing fire and life protection systems, including fire sprinklers, fire extinguishers, fire alarms, fire and smoke dampers, and emergency communications systems to companies across the Northeastern United States.

Altus Fire & Life Safety Services has benefitted from efficient cross-company communications that allow them to find new customers and complementary competencies in the past, but the process was cumbersome and difficult to scale. has streamlined cross-CEO communications, facilitating ideas exchange and enhancing the pace of growth.

Identify & Grow Robust Relationships

No company is an island, and Altus relies heavily on collaboration across their portfolio of companies. empowers C-suite leadership to look for synergies internally and with external partners. Because they have to sync their professional networks in a common KnowledgeSpace, they can use their KnowledgeMap™ to find the best path to a warm introduction.

KnowledgeNet has given us visibility and access to information across our companies, resulting in greater sales and better customer support. We leverage the complementary competencies of each of our companies to be the best in the industry. Essentially, KnowledgeNet has handed us the formula every company needs to realize its greatest success.

 — John Adams CEO, Altus Fire & Safety

Simplify Collaboration

With, fellow CEOs have a tool that they can use to pinpoint the corporate counterpart most likely to be able to help and a space where they can communicate directly as needed, without having to wait for a weekly call. Generally sharing solutions, effective vendors, and best practices benefit every company.

Expose Growth Opportunities

As Altus acquires complementary companies, they open the door for crossover selling, but using Excel spreadsheets to discern new customer opportunities is inefficient and susceptible to missing prospects. A recent example was the acquisition of Croker and Cross Fire & Safety, both companies with a Manhattan customer base. reveals opportunities both companies didn’t know they had, while reducing spending on doubled marketing and sales efforts.

Automate Manual Processes

Simply by connecting their email addresses, helps Altus sales reps see a 360 degree overview of all interactions across the company with accounts and contacts. They get instant, comprehensive account and contact lists as well as the ability to see who has interacted with whom and when, so they no longer rely on creating and updating spread sheets to review customer lists. also automates new account and contact record creation directly from email and uses AI to associate ongoing conversations to those records, building a permanent record of interaction for every account and contact without manual entry. saves Altus valuable time, reduces headaches, and increases productivity, allowing sales reps to focus on doing what they do best.

Taking 30 Years of Success to the Next Level

With, Altus can efficiently integrate decades of institutional knowledge, optimize collaboration across all their portfolio companies, find opportunities for cross-selling, and eliminate unnecessary spending. The sales team loves the fact that it has replaced time-consuming processes with effective AI and improved operational efficiency. Altus has embraced their Knowledge Superpower and looks forward to rolling out beyond sales to all departments this year.