From Good to Great: Career.Place’s Leap in Lead Generation Accuracy and Efficiency


Industry: Human Resources
Location: Austin, TX
Employees: 5

Customer since: 2022 solutions:

  • Lead generation
  • Prospect research
  • Relationship intelligence
  • Web traffic analytics
  • HubSpot Integration

Career.Place steers companies away from costly hiring mistakes and unintentional bias with its innovative Talent Evaluation Solution that shifts the focus from resumés to anonymously identifying what traits and capabilities an organization needs most and finding the candidates who match best.

Career.Place delivers its clients the right candidates in less time, so it makes sense that they want a sales solution that gives them the same efficiency, accuracy, and value that they demand of themselves. Their existing tech was coming up short when it came to supporting Career.Place’s hyper-targeted sales process. provides the ability to find high-quality leads and a way for senior leadership to oversee efforts to nurture their progress through the sales funnel.

Refine Lead Searches

Challenge: Career.Place struggled to identify and reach their target audience, despite having a detailed ideal customer profile. Sifting through vast amounts of contact data became cumbersome and time-consuming.

Solution:’s vast database of 260M+ contacts allowed Career.Place to fine-tune their searches based on revenue range, job titles, and tech stack, resulting in higher conversion rates.

Elevated Data Accuracy: No More Wasted Time

Challenge: Career.Place found themselves dedicating extra hours to verify lead data from other solutions, hampering their efficiency.

Solution: transformed this. With data accuracy skyrocketing to the 80-90% range, Career.Place no longer wastes hours double-checking. This newfound confidence has empowered them to innovate, experimenting more with mobile marketing strategies.

Our existing lead gen subscription was good… but with, the accuracy is unparalleled. It provides the nuanced details we need to refine our approach before initiating email sequences on HubSpot.”

 — Gabe Gurman COO

Unlocking Warm Connections

Challenge: Career.Place lacked the tools to leverage their leadership’s connections, missing out on warm leads.

Solution:’s KnowledgeMap now offers a comprehensive overview of potential LinkedIn connections and past email correspondence. This goldmine of data facilitates personalized outreach.

Seamless Integration with HubSpot

Challenge: Transitioning leads between platforms disrupted Career.Place’s workflow.

Solution:’s seamless integration with HubSpot (and other CRMs) ensures a smooth, uninterrupted workflow. From prospect discovery to lead routing, everything is centralized, be it on their email, CRM, or’s web app.

Amplifying Web Analytics

Challenge: While Career.Place could identify accounts visiting their website, correlating this with outbound messaging remained elusive.

Solution: The introduction of’s Web Analytics bridges this gap. Now, they can discern which messages resonate and prioritize leads accordingly.

Our SDRs having access to my first- and second-degree connections on LinkedIn is a huge advantage in making warm introductions about Career.Place.”

 — Gabe Gurman COO

Crystal Clear Pipeline Visibility

Challenge: Keeping tabs on SDRs’ follow-up activities weeks into a campaign proved challenging.

Solution: With emails synced to, the team can easily track outreach efforts, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

In Conclusion isn’t just a tool; it’s a game-changer for Career.Place. From refining lead searches to providing unparalleled data accuracy and warming up cold leads, the platform equips the team with the resources they need. With, they can now confidently navigate their sales pipeline, ensuring every lead is a potential success story.

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